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Free Delivery to UK Mainland | 5% off first order with code - WELCOME5 | Buy Now, Pay Later
Free Delivery to UK Mainland | 5% off first order with code - WELCOME5 | Buy Now, Pay Later

Infrared Heaters

We offer a range of indooroutdoor and portable infrared heaters from some of the best brands in the UK including Herschel and Jigsaw. The heat produced from Infrared panel heaters is a new form of heating that provides instant, radiant heat without any airflow. They are safe to use indoors and in enclosed spaces as they do not need to consume any oxygen to perform. Infrared radiation doesn't produce any harmful toxins or unpleasant odours and can help reduce moisture in the air and dampness that may have built up in your living space. Most importantly, this form of electric heating uses a fraction of the energy compared to traditional convection heating.
How infrared heaters work

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Just like the sun, infrared heat systems release infrared rays that are absorbed by our bodies, gradually raising your temperature and making you feel a comfortable warmth. They are much more energy efficient compared to convection heaters, which heat the air in the whole room.

Most heaters work by gradually heating the surrounding air and allowing it to circulate until it has heated the entire room, but these electric heaters create a precise beam of heat that directly warms you by emitting a constant stream of heat particles. Unlike traditional heaters, infrared heaters do not require you to wait for them to warm up when you enter from the cold. You quickly warm up as fast-acting heat rays disperse the cold. They're especially useful if you're sitting on the couch or at your work because the heat is directed at you rather than the entire room.

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Benefits of Infrared Heating

Benefits of Infrared Heating

 Save Money and Help the Environment

 Non-Obtrusive, lightweight and very thin

 Very Easy to Install

 Stylish and Sleek

 Rapid Heating - no waiting

 Heat Objects - not the atmosphere

 Smart Technology - switch it on or off even when you're not home

 Maintenance Free

√  Helps Reduce Damp and Mold

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Infrared Heater Reviews

I purchased the Herschel Select XLS heater and Wifi control unit for use in my new garden room. The company building the garden room had not seen infrared heaters before but were happy to install it on the ceiling of the new garden room. This frees up valueable wall space and means the whole room is heated from above.
I am happy with the result, the 400W heater heats the 3m x 3m garden room up in around 10 minutes and then I can turn it off. The WiFi control allows me to preheat the garden room by turning it on before I go out to start work using a third party app on my phone.

Thomas Venning

I bought this because I live in a one-bed flat heated by expensive electric space heaters. Like many people, I'm quite worried about the energy price cap, so I was looking for a more cost effective way to stay warm. After some reading I learned that infra-red panel heaters are the cheapest way to heat your home using electricity and this particular heater costs on average 7p per day to run.

So glad I made the investment! Although this model is meant only as a top up heater, it's brilliantly effective. It heats differently to the kind of heaters you may be used to – rather than heating the air in the room, it provides radiant heat, which means it warms objects it's pointed at. It feels like warm sunshine! It's sturdily made, but also lightweight and easy to move to where you need it. The Smart Life app to control it is great, too – although it needs wifi to connect, once it's set up you can control it from your phone where ever you are, which is great if you forget to turn it off before you go out or if you get stuck out in a cold snap and you're thinking of your poor pets at home.

Carrie Van der Zee

I have bought this heater in preparation for the winter. Having had solar panels installed, the plan is that this heater is sufficiently low power that during the daytime, I’ll be able to heat a room essentially for free. It’s too early to be able to tell yet. However, the heater itself is remarkably thin and unobtrusive. It provides noticeable warmth very quickly. The feet on this heater are far more part of the design, and less an ugly after thought than some other models I looked at.
Delivery was amazingly quick - placed the order, and my heater arrived next day.

Alastair Kay

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